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Name Code Type
About Language EB4721 Module
Advanced English for Business Communication 1 EB2500 Module
Advertising around the World EB3209 Module
Challenges in Global Development EB4201 Module
Comm in HR Management EB4707 Module
Computer-Assisted Language Learning EB4515 Module
Corpus - Informed Language Teaching EB4512 Module
Course and Materials Design EB4713 Module
Culture and Business in International Corporate Communication EB3102 Module
Dissertation EB4701 Module
Dissertation EB4718 Module
Dissertation EB4505 Module
EIC Dissertation EB3992 Module
Employability Project EB4703 Module
Eng for Int'l Business E'prise EB2010 Module
English for Finance EB2208 Module
Enterprise for IBC EB2015 Module
Events Management for International Business Communication EB3037 Module
Finance and Accounting for International Business Communication EB3501 Module
Foundation Tesol EBC001 Module
Globalisation & Bus. in ICC EB3101 Module
Independent Research Project EB3990 Module
Intercultural Business Communication in the Digital Age EB4603 Module
Intercultural Training in Business Communication EB4602 Module
International Business Communication 3 EB3006 Module
International Business Communication 3A EB3001 Module
International Finance Practices for International Business Communication EB3502 Module
Internationl Bus Comm 2 EB2006 Module
Issues in International Tourism: cross-cultural aspects EB3038 Module
Language Analysis EB4501 Module
Language Analysis EB4710 Module
Language in Interaction EB4716 Module
Language in Interaction EB4514 Module
Management Practice for IBC EB2300 Module
Managing International Business. for IBC EB3803 Module
Marketing And Advertising Communication EB2209 Module
Materials and Design EB4504 Module
Methodology for TESOL EB4722 Module
Methodology in TESOL EB4502 Module
Methodology in TESOL EB4712 Module
Mulitcultural Marketing EB4708 Module
Organisational Communication EB4902 Module
Principles of Human Resource Development for International Business Communication EB3702 Module
Principles of Human Resource Development in International Business Communication EB3701 Module
Principles of Testing and Assessment for TESOL EB4723 Module
Professional Development for Teachers of English to Speakers of other languages EB4724 Module
Research Methods EB4204 Module
Research Methods for International Business Communication EB3991 Module
Second Language Acquisition EB4711 Module
Second Language Acquisition EB4503 Module
Teaching Language Through Literature EB4720 Module
Teaching Practicum EB3602 Module
Testing and Assessing in TESOL EB4507 Module
The Changing World of Marketing Communication EB3309 Module
Understanding Globalisation: a China Focus EB4705 Module
World Englishes EB4516 Module

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