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Name Code Type
An Introduction to British Sign Language DF1161 Module
Deaf Community & Culture DF1113 Module
Deaf People in Society DF1112 Module
Debating Disability DF3600 Module
Developing Advanced BSL DF4014 Module
Developing BSL Performance DF4001 Module
Developing Study Skills DFC005 Module
Double Dissertation DF3995 Module
Employability and the Deaf Community DF1300 Module
From Translation to Simultanious Interpretation DF4003 Module
History, Politics & Deafness DF3018 Module
Insiders & Outsiders: Representations of Deafness DF3011 Module
Interpreting as a Profession DF4000 Module
Interpreting Practicum DF4011 Module
Introduction to Study Skills DFB001 Module
Introduction to the Roles of Public Service Interpreters DF3016 Module
Issues in Deaf Education DF2002 Module
Issues in Deafness DF2003 Module
Principles of BSL/English Interpreting DF4004 Module
Principles of Sign Language Interpreting DF3012 Module
Spoken English as a Source and Target Language DF4002 Module
The Signing Family DF2015 Module
Work Placement DF2021 Module
Work Placement DF3021 Module

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