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Name Code Type
Advanced Cyber Security CO3520 Module
Advanced Database Systems CO3701 Module
Advanced Interactive Applications CO2713 Module
Advanced Network Routing CO3513 Module
Advanced Programming With C++ CO2402 Module
Advanced Software Engineering Techniques CO3401 Module
Advanced Topics in Databases and Information Systems CO4757 Module
Advanced Topics in HCI CO4732 Module
Advanced Topics in IT Security CO4510 Module
Agile Systems Design CO2602 Module
Agile Systems Development CO4608 Module
Application Development for Mobile Devices CO3719 Module
Applying Philosophy of Researc CO4808 Module
Approaches to Systems Development CO4605 Module
Artificial Intelligence CO3519 Module
Business and E-Commerce CO3607 Module
Business and IT CO1603 Module
Business to Business Exchanges CO2757 Module
Comm Tech for Social Spaces CO3714 Module
Communications & Networks CO2551 Module
Computational Thinking CO2412 Module
Computer Graphics CO2459 Module
Computer Graphics CO2409 Module
Computer Security CO4509 Module
Computer Security CO2508 Module
Computer Systems and Security CO1508 Module
Computer Systems Essentials CO1555 Module
Computer Technology CO4508 Module
Computers, Society and Law CO3603 Module
Cosmology CO4903 Module
Critical Analysis CO4820 Module
Data Processing Methods CO1111 Module
Data Science CO3722 Module
Database Administration CO4705 Module
Database Driven Web Sites CO3708 Module
Database Systems CO2701 Module
Database Systems Using Access CO2752 Module
Deploy New Tech; Train & Us Su CO3718 Module
Design Away from the Desktop CO4753 Module
Developing Academic Skills COC005 Module
Digital Evidence and Incident Response CO2517 Module
Digital Forensic Investigation CO3505 Module
Digital Forensic Technology CO4514 Module
Digital Forensic Tools and Standards CO2520 Module
E-Business CO3604 Module
E-Commerce Application Dev CO2756 Module
Elements of Statistics for Res CO4902 Module
End User Support CO2563 Module
Enterprise Application Development CO3409 Module
Entertainment Computing CO1755 Module
Foundations of Hardware CO1560 Module
Foundations of Research CO4900 Module
Fuzzy Logic CO3511 Module
Game Production Project CO2857 Module
Games Concepts CO1301 Module
Games Development 1 CO2301 Module
Games Development 2 CO3301 Module
Games for the Internet CO3717 Module
HCI Evaluation with Children CO4722 Module
HCI Res Involving Children CO4721 Module
HCI Research Topic CO4810 Module
Human Computer Interaction CO2702 Module
Human Computer Interaction CO2751 Module
ICT Networking CO3420 Module
Image Manip & Iactive Flash Pr CO2760 Module
Indust Placement Year CO2802 Module
Information Modelling CO2706 Module
Information Security Management CO4512 Module
Information Security Management CO2521 Module
Information Systems Management CO2604 Module
Interaction Design & Ev. CO4754 Module
Interactive Applications CO1706 Module
Interactive Media Development CO4751 Module
Internet Application Development CO2714 Module
Internet Database Technologies CO2758 Module
Introduction to Mathematical Methods COC006 Module
Introduction to Network Routing CO2511 Module
Introduction to Networking CO1507 Module
Introduction to Program Design CO1455 Module
Introduction to Programming CO1404 Module
Investigating Hardware and Operating Systems CO2513 Module
Investigating IT COC002 Module
Investigating IT COC001 Module
IT Projects and People CO4830 Module
IT Skills CO1811 Module
Java and the Internet CO2453 Module
Java Programming CO2405 Module
Learning how to learn COC004 Module
Lev1 Student Initiated Module CO1807 Module
Management CO2652 Module
Masters Paper - Investigation CO4812 Module
Masters Project CO4804 Module
Maths and Technology for Games CO3303 Module
Microprocessor Based Systems CO2501 Module
Mobile Application Development CO4755 Module
Mobile Development CO2509 Module
MSc Paper - Part 1 Critique CO4811 Module
MSc Paper Part 2 Critique CO4814 Module
MSc Paper Pt 1 Investigation CO4813 Module
Multimedia Tools & Techniques CO2710 Module
Multimedia Tools & Techniques CO3712 Module
Network Administration CO2552 Module
Network Architecture CO2555 Module
Network Design CO3509 Module
Network Fundamentals CO1558 Module
Network Management CO2558 Module
Network Management CO2516 Module
Network Support CO2557 Module
Network Support Essentials CO1557 Module
Neural Networks CO3512 Module
Object Oriented Methods in Computing CO3402 Module
Object Oriented Software Development’ CO4403 Module
Operating Systems CO3508 Module
Penetration Testing CO3517 Module
Penetration Testing CO2515 Module
Placement Project CO2858 Module
Practitioner Portfolio 1 CO1815 Module
Practitioner Portfolio 2 CO2807 Module
Practitioner Skills CO1801 Module
Principles of Networking CO2553 Module
Problem-solving for Computing COC003 Module
Problem-Solving For Computing CO1402 Module
Professional Skills CO2403 Module
Program Design and Implementation CO1401 Module
Project CO2859 Module
Project (Double) CO3808 Module
Project (Single Hons) CO3809 Module
Project Management CO4805 Module
Project Skills CO2805 Module
Project Skills CO1814 Module
Research Experience CO4815 Module
Research Methodology & Issues CO3901 Module
Router and Routing Basics CO1556 Module
Science Communication CO3812 Module
Secure Software and Malware Analysis CO3410 Module
Server Management CO2559 Module
Social Interaction Design CO3720 Module
Software Development CO2401 Module
Software Engineering Practices CO2411 Module
Statistics for Research CO4901 Module
Student Initiated Module CO3811 Module
Student Initiated Module CO4817 Module
Student Initiated Module CO4816 Module
Switching Basics CO2561 Module
Systems Anal & Agile Develop CO2607 Module
Systems Analysis and Database Design CO1605 Module
Systems Concepts CO3601 Module
Trends in Cybercrime CO4515 Module
User Interface Technology CO4731 Module
Using MS Office effectively CO1803 Module
Visual Basic Programming CO1454 Module
WAN Technologies CO2562 Module
Web Technologies CO4752 Module
Wireless and Mobile Networks CO3514 Module
Workshop Facilitation CO4603 Module

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