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Name Code Type
An Introduction to Criminological Theory CJ1012 Module
Comparative Criminology & Criminal Justice CJ4012 Module
Controversial Issues in Prison CJ3023 Module
Controversial Issues in Prisons CJ2029 Module
Crime and Justice in Society CJ1010 Module
Crime and Morality CJ1004 Module
Crime and New Technologies CJ3026 Module
Crime and Society CJ1101 Module
Criminal Justice in Action CJ1013 Module
Criminology S. I. M. CJ1983 Module
Critical Thinkers in Criminology CJ2101 Module
Cybercrime – an International Context CJ4016 Module
Diversity, Crime and Justice CJ3030 Module
Doing Time CJ2019 Module
Drugs, Crime and Society CJ3021 Module
Eff. Enquiry in Criminology CJ1003 Module
Human Trafficking and 'Modern-Day' Slavery CJ3027 Module
Introduction to Criminal Justice CJ1106 Module
Introduction to Criminal Process and Procedure CJ1005 Module
Introduction to Criminology CJC002 Module
Morality & Criminal Justice CJ1011 Module
Power, Violence and Oppression CJ4013 Course
Prisons on Trial CJ3016 Module
Punishment in Mode' Soci' CJ2020 Module
Res. Methods for Criminology CJ2008 Module
Research Methods in Criminology CJ2102 Module
S I M in Criminology CJ2982 Module
S I M in Criminology CJ2981 Module
Sex, Violence & Strategies CJ2015 Module
Sex, Violence and Crime CJ3017 Module
Sex, Violence and Strategies CJ3007 Module
Student Initiated Module CJ3981 Module
Theoretical Criminology CJ2001 Module
Theory and Research Methods in Criminology CJ4011 Course
Understanding Interpersonal Violence CJ2007 Module
Understanding Policing CJ2016 Module
Understanding State Crime and Genocide CJ3018 Module
Why prison? CJ3024 Module
Youth Justice CJ2004 Module
Youth Justice CJ2021 Module

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