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Name Code Type
Advanced Counselling Skills and Personal Development CG3001 Module
Basic Sexual and Relationship Theory CG3007 Module
Basic Sexual and Relationship Theory CG4018 Module
CBT Skills and applications CG2081 Module
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy 1 CG4021 Module
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy 2 CG4022 Module
Counselling for Depression CG4008 Module
Counselling Perspectives on Mental Health CG3002 Module
Counselling Project / Dissertation CG3220 Module
Counselling Skills for Practice CG4080 Module
Counselling Theories CG2030 Module
Developing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Interventions CG2080 Module
Diversity for Psychosexual Needs CG4016 Module
Expressive Art & Therapy CG3550 Module
Fundamentals in CBP CG4023 Module
Human Being in Context CG1003 Module
Inter Couns Skills in Practice CG2010 Module
Intermediate Counselling Skills CG3004 Module
Introduction to CBT (Health) CG1002 Module
Introduction to Counselling and Counselling Skills CG1010 Module
Key Issues in Counselling & Psychotherapy CG1030 Module
MA Counselling Dissertation CG4000 Module
Metacognitive Therapy & Theory CG3003 Module
Person Centred Counselling Theory in Context CG2011 Module
Person Centred Theory CG3005 Module
Personal & Group Interaction CG3120 Module
Personal and Professional Development in Integrative Psychotherapy CG4003 Module
Personal Development CG3006 Module
Personal Development CG2012 Module
Personal Development via Group Interaction CG4014 Module
Perspectives on Mental Health CG2002 Module
Psychoanalysis in Britain.The development of the unconscious CG2000 Module
Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society CG3000 Module
Psychosexual Practitioner CG4017 Module
Reflective Practitioner CG4001 Module
Relationships: Models and Interventions CG4015 Module
The development of the unconscious in Britain CG2001 Module
The Discovery of the Unconscious: Freud and Jung CG1000 Module
The Self in Relation: the Development of Professional Integrative Psychotherapy CG4002 Module

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