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Name Code Type
Advanced Construction Technology BN4400 Module
Advanced Structural Engineering BN4520 Module
Arbitration (International Practice, Procedure, Drafting and Deciding) BN4515 Module
Building Adaptation BN4611 Module
Building Conservation BN4610 Module
Building Maintenance Management BN3002 Module
Building Recording & Analysis BN4606 Module
Building Services BN2007 Module
Civil Engineering Contract Law BN2505 Module
Civil Engineering Design & CAD BN2507 Module
Conservative Repair BN4612 Module
Construction Law BN2012 Module
Construction Law 2 BN2104 Module
Construction Law 3 BN3050 Module
Construction Management BN1085 Module
Construction Management and Economics BN1105 Module
Construction Quantification BN2986 Module
Construction Technology 1 BN1101 Module
Construction Technology 1 BN1091 Module
Construction Technology 2 BN2001 Module
Construction Technology 2 BN2091 Module
Contract Law and Procurement BN2094 Module
Contractual Issues BN4503 Module
Dispute Resolution BN4507 Module
Dissertation BN4609 Module
Dissertation BN3990 Module
Dissertation BN4509 Module
Engineering Analysis 1 BN1997 Module
Engineering Analysis B BN2564 Module
Engineering Design Project BN3504 Module
Engineering Hydrology BN3509 Module
Environmental Law BN4506 Module
European Competition and Procurement BN3319 Module
European Competition and Procurement Law BN4504 Module
Expenditure Planning And Control BN3017 Module
Facilities Management BN3040 Module
Facilities Management BN4521 Module
Geotechnical Engineering BN3506 Module
Health & Safety Management BN2721 Module
Health and Safety Management BN4410 Module
Health and Safety Management BN3720 Module
History of Buildings and Towns BN4604 Module
Hydraulic and Hydrologic Engineering BN2508 Module
ICT 1 BN1093 Module
Industrial Experience BN2830 Module
Introduction to Law and Procurement BN1114 Module
Law and Management BN1460 Module
Legal Skills for Non Lawyers BN4502 Module
Legal Studies BN1094 Module
Management & Project Planning BN2105 Module
Performance Studies BN3001 Module
Principles of Building BNC006 Module
Professional Practice (A) BN1991 Module
Professional Practice (B) BN1992 Module
Professional Practice - QS BN3982 Module
Professional Practice 2 (CPM) BN2980 Module
Professional Practice 2: BS BN2990 Module
Professional Practice 2A BN2988 Module
Professional Practice 2B BN2989 Module
Professional Practice 3 (BS) BN3981 Module
Professional Practice 3 (CPM) BN3980 Module
Project Analysis and Appraisal BN3060 Module
Project Management BN3010 Module
Project Planning, Control & Analysis BN4010 Module
Project Team and Leadership Development BN4430 Module
Quality and Environmental Management Systems BN4420 Module
Research Methods BN4508 Module
Risk & Value Management BN4206 Module
Soil Mechanics BN2506 Module
Strategic Project Management BN4440 Module
Structural Analysis BN2501 Module
Structural Engineering BN3501 Module
Sustainable Environment 1 BN1102 Module
Tortious and Statutory Issues BN4505 Module
Town Planning & Development Control BN2606 Module
Urban Regeneration BN4108 Module
Workplace Module 1 BN1095 Module

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