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Name Code Type
Advanced Systems Pharmacology BL3220 Module
Biological Chemistry and Foundation Maths BL1219 Module
Biological Control Systems BL3236 Module
Biology Of Disease BL3206 Module
Biology of Disease BL2012 Module
Biomedical Ethics BL4203 Module
Bioscience Practical Skills BL2011 Module
Biosciences in Practice BL1013 Module
Biosciences in the News BL1212 Module
Biostatistics BL2215 Module
Blood Sciences BL3225 Module
Blood Sciences for Biomedical Sciences BL3012 Module
Blood Sciences for Healthcare Science BL3018 Module
Cancer Biology BL4210 Module
Cancer Therapies BL4015 Module
Cell Culture Approaches to Drug Testing & Toxicology BL2210 Module
Cell Sciences BL3226 Module
Cellular Investigations BL2216 Module
Cellular Pathology BL3216 Module
Cellular Pathology for Healthcare Science BL3014 Module
Clinical Microbiology for Healthcare Science BL3013 Module
Contemporary Cell Biology Techniques BL2224 Module
Current Practice in Haematology BL3219 Module
Current Practices in Clinical Microbiology BL3235 Module
Drug Design and Delivery BL4211 Module
Drug Therapies 2: Pathophysiology and Treatment of CNS, cancer and pain BL3212 Module
Drugs: From Discovery to Use and Abuse BL3202 Module
Essential Skills in Biosciences BL1012 Module
Evolution BL3214 Module
Extended 40-Week Placement BL3015 Module
Fundamentals of Biosciences BL1011 Module
Genetics and Biodiversity BL2219 Module
Group Research Project BL3298 Module
Healthcare Decisions and Dilemmas BL3224 Module
Immunology BL3215 Module
Infection Sciences BL3227 Module
Infection Sciences for Biomedical Sciences BL3016 Module
Integrative Biological Sciences BL1220 Module
Introduction to cancer BL4012 Module
Introduction to Pharmacology BL1217 Module
Laboratory Based Research Techniques BL4224 Module
Molecular & Cellular Biology BL2203 Module
Molecular and Cellular Pathology BL3017 Module
Molecular Biomedicine BL3217 Module
Molecular Neurobiology BL3213 Module
Molecules to Cells BL2013 Module
Pharmaceutical Regulation, Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance BL4219 Module
Pharmaceutical Technology and Formulation Development BL4218 Module
Physiological Systems BL2214 Module
Physiology and Pharmacology BL2016 Module
Placement Year BL2017 Module
Practical Skills and their Application to Diagnostic Analysis BL2211 Module
Practical Techniques in Industrial/Medicinal Chemistry BL4217 Module
Professional Practice II BL2223 Module
Research & Lab Skills BL4209 Module
Research Methods BL4013 Module
Research Methods Clinical Sc BL4200 Module
Research Project BL3011 Module
Research Project BL4207 Module
Research Project BL3299 Module
Research Project (MRes) BL4016 Module
Research Proposal BL4014 Module
Research Skills BL1216 Module
Scientific Basis of Healthcare Science BL1218 Module
Student Work Place Module BL2297 Module
Supplementary Physiology and Pharmacology BL1214 Module
Systems Pharmacology BL2217 Module
The Investigation of Disease BL2206 Module
Tissues to Organisms BL2014 Module
Work Based Learning III BL3222 Module

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