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Name Code Type
Adaptations AV2002 Module
Advanced Television Production AV2500 Module
Advanced Television Production & Technology AV3500 Module
Design And Visual Excellence AV1035 Module
Digital Visual Effects AV2013 Module
Documentary Production AV2004 Module
Feature Film Project AV2001 Module
Film Major Project AV3008 Module
Introduction to Continued Drama Production AV1150 Module
Introduction to Documentary Techniques AV1032 Module
Introduction to Narrative Film AV1031 Module
Introduction to Professional Film Production’ AV1001 Module
Life's a Pitch AV1004 Module
Music Video Production AV2006 Module
Producing & Directing Television AV2501 Module
Professional Production Practice AV4130 Module
Social Issues Film Making AV2005 Module
Sports TV & Live Event Production AV1501 Module
Sports TV & Live Event Production 2 AV2502 Module
Television Studio Production AV1500 Module
Thinking through film AV2007 Module

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