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Name Code Type
Advanced Experiment Physics AP4052 Module
Advanced Laboratory AP4852 Module
Applied Physics and Linear Systems. AP1852 Module
Condensed Matter Physics AP3841 Module
Current Topics in Industrial Nanoscience AP4611 Module
Electrodynamics and Advanced Quantum Mechanics AP3843 Module
Electromagnetic Radiation and Quantum Theory AP1043 Module
Electromagnetism and Waves AP2043 Module
Graphs and Vectors APC806 Module
Introduction to Laboratory Physics AP1011 Module
Introduction to Mechanics AP1841 Module
Introduction to Nanoscience and Advanced Topics in Nanoscience AP4610 Module
Introduction to Physics AP1840 Module
Lasers and Modern Optics AP4872 Module
Magnetism AP4870 Module
Measurment, Instrumentation LabVIEW and Interfacing AP2857 Module
Mechanics AP1842 Module
Molecular Modelling AP4871 Module
MPhys Project AP4553 Module
Nuclear and Particle Physics AP3842 Module
Physics for Energy AP4614 Module
Physics/Astronomy Project AP3950 Module
Scientific Computing AP2235 Module
The Road to Quantum Mechanics APC803 Module
Thermal and Quantum Physics AP2858 Module
Year 2 Laboratory AP2060 Module
Year 3 Laboratory AP3060 Module

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