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Name Code Type
3D Design and Modelling AO2988 Module
Architectural Design 1a AO1100 Module
Architectural Design 1b AO1200 Module
Architectural Design 2a AO2100 Module
Architectural Design 2b AO2200 Module
Architectural Design 3a AO3100 Module
Architectural Design 3b AO3200 Module
Architectural History & Theory 2 AO2005 Module
Architectural History & Theory 3 AO3005 Module
Architectural History and Theory 1 AO1005 Module
Architectural Management AO3037 Module
AT Design Project 2 AO2987 Module
AT Design Project 3 AO3996 Module
BIM and Professional Practice AO2300 Module
Building Technology 1 AO1004 Module
Building Technology 2 AO2004 Module
Critical and Cultural Context AO4001 Module
Design Projects 1 AO1987 Module
Design: 1 AO4005 Module
Design: 2 AO4007 Module
Environmental Technology and Design AO4002 Module
Final Project AOC002 Module
History and Theory AOC001 Module
History and Theory of Architecture and Urban Design: Written Thesis AO4990 Module
IT & CAD AO1988 Module
Portfolio and Exhibition AOC003 Module
Professional Studies 1 AO3981 Module
Professional Studies 2 AO4003 Module
Research Methods for Architectural and Urban Studies AO4950 Module
Tectonic Design AO3006 Module

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