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Name Code Type
Advance Spanish +1 AL2439 Module
Advanced German +1 AL2502 Module
Advanced Italian AL2304 Module
Advanced Arabic Language AL2310 Module
Advanced Chinese AL2173 Module
Advanced General French AL2301 Module
Advanced German AL2302 Module
Advanced Korean AL2925 Module
Advanced Russian AL2309 Module
Beginners Arabic Language and Culture AL1137 Module
Beginners Catalan Language and Culture AL1111 Module
Beginners Chinese Language and Culture AL1134 Module
Beginners French Language and Culture AL1101 Module
Beginners German Language AL1102 Module
Beginners Italian Language and Culture AL1104 Module
Beginners Japanese Language and Culture AL1106 Module
Beginners Russian Language and Culture AL1109 Module
Beginners Spanish Language and Culture AL1103 Module
Beginners Turkish Language & Culture AL1036 Module
Beginners Urdu Language and Culture AL1108 Module
Beginners' Greek Language and Culture AL1039 Module
Beginners' Korean Language and Culture AL1925 Module
Beginners’ Farsi Language and Culture AL1155 Module
Intermediate Arabic AL2437 Module
Intermediate Chinese AL2435 Module
Intermediate French AL2431 Module
Intermediate German AL2432 Module
Intermediate Italian AL2434 Module
Intermediate Japanese AL2436 Module
Intermediate Korean AL2404 Module
Intermediate Russian AL2438 Module
Intermediate Spanish AL2433 Module
Post Beginner Level Chinese AL1015 Module
Post Beginners Japanese Language AL1149 Module
Post Beginners Spanish AL1150 Module
Post Beginners' Korean Language AL1145 Module
Post Beginners' Turkish Language AL1928 Module
Post Beginners’ Arabic Language AL1140 Module
Post Beginners’ French Language AL1143 Module
Post-Beginners Greek Language AL1927 Module
Post-Beginners’ German Language AL1146 Module
Spanish Advanced AL2303 Module

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