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Name Code Type
Accountancy AC2200 Module
Accounting and Finance AC4410 Module
Accounting And Finance AC4407 Module
Accounting for Business with SAP ERP systems AC4509 Module
Accounting Information Systems and Control Issues AC2500 Module
Accounting Information Systems skills with SAGE and SAP ERP AC3310 Module
Advanced Audit & Assurance AC4607 Module
Advanced Financial Accounting AC3100 Module
Advanced Management Accounting AC3200 Module
Advanced Taxation AC4606 Module
Auditing Theory & Practice AC3300 Module
Business & Finance AC2002 Module
Business Analysis AC4603 Module
Business Case Study AC4506 Module
Business Economics AC1006 Module
Business Law AC1513 Module
Business Strategy AC3500 Module
Companies and the Law AC2155 Module
Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting AC4009 Module
Corporate Finance AC3400 Module
Corporate Reporting AC4602 Module
Decision Making For Business AC3210 Module
Enterprise Management AC3000 Module
Enterprise Operations for Financial Managers AC2000 Module
Finance for Management AC3409 Module
Finance for Managers AC2400 Module
Finance For Managers AC2410 Module
Finance for Managers in Business AC2420 Module
Financial Accounting AC2100 Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting AC4501 Module
Financial Accounting for Managers AC2110 Module
Financial Econometrics AC4006 Module
Financial Investment Appraisal AC4203 Module
Financial Management AC4420 Module
Financial Management For Business AC3410 Module
Financial Reporting for Managers AC3110 Module
Fundamentals of Financial & Management Accounting AC1120 Module
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting AC1130 Module
Fundamentals of Management Accounting AC1230 Module
Governance, Risk & Ethics AC4601 Module
Information Systems & Business Environmenet AC1300 Module
International Finance and Development AC4007 Module
International Finanacial Management Techniques AC2906 Module
International Financial Enviroment AC3908 Module
International Financial Risk and Control AC4202 Module
Introduction to Accounting & Finance ACC003 Module
Introduction to Economics AC1002 Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting AC1100 Module
Introduction to Financial Services Markets AC2650 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting AC1200 Module
Introduction to Multi-National Finance AC4904 Module
Introduction to Personal and Professional Practice AC1600 Module
Legal Obligations AC1511 Module
Management Accounting for Managers AC2210 Module
Management Accounting Theory and Practice AC4503 Module
Managing Performance AC4104 Module
Marketing & Fin Accounting AC4415 Module
Postgraduate Dissertation AC4996 Module
Postgraduate Dissertation AC4994 Module
Postgraduate Research Methods AC4995 Module
Postgraduate Research Methods AC4993 Module
Professional Skills for Accountants AC2300 Module
Project Management AC4505 Module
Risk and Capital Markets AC3650 Module
Strategic Business Leader AC4614 Module
Strategic Financial Management AC4201 Module
Taxation Theory & Practice AC3600 Module
Taxation theory and practice AC2600 Module
The Business Environment AC1330 Module

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