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Name Code Type
An Introduction To Astronomy AA1051 Module
Astronomy Dissertation AA3050 Module
Astrophysics 1 AA1003 Module
Astrophysics 2 AA2001 Module
Collaborative Investigation AA3057 Module
Cosmology and Relativity AA3053 Module
Energy, Matter & the Universe AA1056 Module
Exploring the Solar System AA2054 Module
Extreme States of Matter AA3056 Module
Formation, Structure and Evolution of Stars AA3010 Module
Galaxies and Quasars AA4046 Module
Galaxies Beyond the Milky Way AA2052 Module
Great Astronomers in History AA1066 Module
Introduction to Astrobiology AA1059 Module
Introduction to Cosmology AA1053 Module
Investigations in Astronomy AA1057 Module
IT for Astronomy AA1055 Module
Origins AA3051 Module
Practical Physics 1 AP1860 Module
Solar Astrophysics AA2055 Module
Solar-Stellar Connection AA2056 Module
Sun, Earth and Climate AA1058 Module
Sun, Earth and Geospace AA4047 Module
The Milky Way AA2051 Module
Ultraviolet, optical and Infrared Astronomy(UVOIR) AA2053 Module

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