1. Books 13 items
    1. Sustainable industrial design and waste management: cradle-to-cradle for sustainable development - Salah el- Haggar c2007

      Book Core This book published UN-Habitat is the core textbook for this module and is available to borrow from the Resources Room in Kirkham Building (KM 125).

    2. Solid waste management in the world's cities: water and sanitation in the world's cities 2010 - United Nations Human Settlements Programme 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Core E-book

    3. Global dumping ground: the international traffic in hazardous waste - Moyers, Bill, Center for Investigative Reporting c1990


    4. Global environmental issues - Frances Harris 2012

      Book Further

    5. International source book on enviromentally sound technologies for municipal solid waste management - UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre 1996

      Book Further

    6. UNEP -- Solid Waste Management Publication

      Webpage  This page has links to PDF files of the whole book.

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    1. WASTE MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH. - International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association


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  4. Please see the NT4019 E-Learn space for videos of guest speaker presentations and relevant academic papers