1. Bibliography 89 items
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        1. Core Reading 2 items
          1. The classic fairy tales: texts, criticism - Tatar, Maria M. c1999

            Book Core

        2. Further Reading 1 item
          1. The bloody chamber and other stories - Carter, Angela 1995

            Book Further

    2. Fairy Tales 23 items
      1. Digitised Pages and electronic links 23 items
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          Book Further DCS digitised chapter: Ch 1: Spells of Enchantment pp1-31

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          Book  Click on the link for permissable read-only access to Snow, Glass, Apples, by Neil Gaiman.

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    3. Fairy and Folk Tale Collections 13 items
      1. Books 13 items
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          Book  Read "Ice" pp199-229 - not essential reading

    4. Fairy and Folk Tale - Works of Criticism 49 items
      1. Books 49 items
        1. Postmodern fairy tales: gender and narrative strategies - Bacchilega, Cristina c1997

          Book  Also available as an Electronic Resource

        2. Postmodern fairy tales: gender and narrative strategies - Cristina Bacchilega, ebrary, Inc c1997 (electronic resource)


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          Book  See the Digitised Pages section above

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