1. Essential Reading 21 items
    1. Core Books 8 items
      1. Forensic fire scene reconstruction - Icove, David J., DeHaan, John D., Haynes, Gerald A., Society of Fire Protection Engineers 2013

        Book Core This is the 3rd edition. Excellent book. Recommended for student purchase. (Companion to Kirk's Fire Investigation).

      2. Kirk's fire investigation - DeHaan, John D., Icove, David J. 2012

        Book Core This is the 7th edition. Recommended for student purchase. (The standard text on fire investigation)

      3. Kirk's fire investigation - John D. De Haan, David J. Icove 2014 (electronic resource)


      4. Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation - John J. Lentini 2018 (electronic resource)

        Book Core

      5. Scientific protocols for fire investigation - John J. Lentini 2018

        Book Core This author come from the perspective of a defence expert, and champion of the fight against bad forensic practice and bad fire investigation. Especially important is the section on myths and errors in fire investigation.

      6. Fire investigation - Daéid, Niamh Nic 2004

        Book Core This book is rather differnt from Kirk's. It has an essential chapter on electricity and fire, by John Twibell, relating to English, not American electrical systems. It also deals in far more detail with accelerant analysis.

      7. NFPA 921: guide for fire and explosion investigations - National Fire Protection Association c2013

        Book Core THis text i aessential reading, and in the USA is a required document for all fire investigators. It is updated every 4 years, based on advances in knowledge and the lastest published research. The US Department of Justice and, NFPA, BATFE and others contribute to the research. Changes are readily seen between editions as they put a vertical bar down the paragraph.

    2. Core Webpages 2 items
      1. CRCnetBASE - Sources of Error in Fire Investigation

        Webpage Core Very important chapter on the pitfalls and consequences of poor fire investigation

    3. Other Essential Reading 11 items
      1. Chapter 3 Electricity & Fire J Twibell

        Webpage  Chapter 3 of Fire Investigation by Nic Daied. Essential chapter on UK electricity systems & fire

      2. Scientific protocols for fire investigation - Lentini, John J. c2013 (electronic resource)

        Book Core

      3. Terrorism and WMDs - John Pichtel 2011

        Book Optional

      4. Forensic Investigation of Explosions - Alexander Beveridge 2012

        Book Further Also available as an Electronic Resource

      5. Forensic investigation of explosions - Beveridge, Alexander c2012 (electronic resource)

        Book Further A very useful addition. ALso useful for Forensic Analysis moduel (full time students)

      6. Understanding the arsonist : from assessment to confession - Williams, Dian L. 2013

        Book Core A relatively inexpensive book at about £20. It has a different perspective on types of arsonists than the FBI model. It is based on research of the many firesetters interviewed by the author.

      7. Understanding the arsonist: from assessment to confession - Williams, Dian L., MyiLibrary c2005 (electronic resource)

        Book  E-boojk of earlier edition

      8. Practical fire and arson investigation - David R. Redsicker, John J. O'Connor ©1997


  2. Recommended Reading 31 items
    1. Books 2 items
      1. Principles of fire investigation - Cooke, Roy A., Ide, Rodger H., Institution of Fire Engineers 1985

        Book Further A fairly old book but still very good as a basic resource. Easy to read and gives a good introduction to most aspects.

      2. Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences - Jay A. Siegel, Pekka J. Saukko 2013

        Book Further Students should refer to: Fire Investigation- Fire scene, pages 911-915, Fire Investigation - Fire Scene Patterns, pages 916-922, Explosives - Bomb Scene Management, pages 745-750.

    2. Webpages 8 items
      1. CRCnetBASE - Determining the Point of Origin of a Fire

        Webpage Further A book full of myths of fire investigation. Read Lentini first then see how this author tries to validate spalling of concrete etc. Read this book with extreme caution, Photography and Digital Imaging - Overview, pages 1254-1264.

      2. CRCnetBASE - Thirty Fire Scene Scenarios

        Webpage Further An excellent collection of case studies, from the perspective of an insurance / criminal defence investigator.

      3. CRCnetBASE - Determining the Point of Ignition of an Explosion

        Webpage Further Noon "Forensic Engineering Analysis" Chapter 10.

      4. Air Accidents Investigation: Home

        Webpage Further Air Accident Investigation branch has very useful air crash reports

    3. Websites 5 items
      1. Certified Fire Investigator Training

        Website Further Extremely good resource and well worth signing up to

      2. TRACE Fire Protection and Safety Consultants, Ltd.

        Website Further Several good articles on fire pattern research

      3. Marine Accident Investigation: Home

        Website Further Marine Accident Investigation Branch has catalogue of investigation reports including fires and explosions, and warnings to the shipping industry

      4. Rail Accident Investigation: Home

        Website Further Rail Accident Investigation Branch. Has useful rail crash investigation reports involving fire

    4. Further Reading 14 items
      1. Kirk's fire investigation - David J. Icove, Gerald A. Haynes, Paul L. Kirk 2018

        Book Further The 8th Edition of Kirk's Fire Investigation, published in 2017 is no longer connected with John DeHaan. The entire chapter on electricity & fire is absent, there are fewer images, and the chapters have been reorganised, combining parts of Forensic Fire scene Reconstruction 3rd Edition (also by Icove, DeHaan & Haynes). The 7th edition is more readable, provided you also read Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction.

      2. Books 3 items
        1. Disaster victim identification: experience and practice - Hackman, Lucina, Mallet, Xanthe 2011


        2. Practical fire and arson investigation - Redsicker, David R., O'Connor, John J. 1997


        3. Practical bomb scene investigation - Thurman, James T. 2011


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    5. Recently Added Items 2 items
      1. Forensic engineering investigation - Noon, Randall K. 2001


      2. Forensic investigation of explosions - Alexander Beveridge, ebrary, Inc c2012 (electronic resource)


  3. Fire reconstruction

    Webpage Further use of fire reconstruction tests in fire investigation