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  1. Developmental psychopathology: Vol. 3: risk, disorder, and adaptation - Dante Cicchetti, Donald J. Cohen 2006

    Book Core

  2. Digitised resources 1 item
    1. Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology - Grayson N Kendall, Philip C.; Butcher, James Neal; Holmbeck 1999

      Book Core Read Digitised chapter 18: Cichetti, D., & Rogosch, F.A. (1999). Conceptual and methodological issues in developmental psychopathology research pp433-465, in this edition ONLY, direct access via Online link.

  3. Child and adolescent mental health: theory and practice | ebook - Margaret Thompson 2012 (electronic resource)

    Book Core Read Emotionality in children and young people and links to psychopathology, pp189-191, available via Online link

  4. Developmental Psychopathology, Developmental Neuroscience : Vol 2 Developmental Neuroscience - Dante Cicchetti , and Donald J. Cohen 2006

    Book Core Read The study of developmental psychopathology in adolescence: Integrating affective neuroscience with the study of context pp710-741, available via Online link.