1. Set Texts 12 items
    1. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens: Peter and Wendy - J. M. Barrie, Peter Hollindale, J. M. Barrie 2008

      Book Core

    2. First term at Malory Towers - Blyton, Enid 2006

      Book Core

    3. Alice's adventure in wonderland: and through the looking-glass : and what Alice found there - Carroll, Lewis, Green, Roger Lancelyn, Carroll, Lewis 1982

      Book Core In class we will only be discussing Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland

    4. Alice's adventures in Wonderland and other tales - Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel 2015, ©2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Core

    5. Charlie and the chocolate factory - Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin 2007

      Book Core

    6. The secret garden - Burnett, Frances Hodgson 2002

      Book Core

    7. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe - Lewis, C. S., Baynes, Pauline 2000

      Book Core

    8. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone - J. K. Rowling 1997

      Book Core

    9. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone - J. K. Rowling 1997

      Book Core

    10. Jessica's first prayer - Stretton, Hesba, Brenda, Brenda 2013

      Book Core

    11. Jessica's first prayer - Hesba Stretton, Brenda 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Core

    12. Charlie and the chocolate factory - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake 2014

      Book Core

  2. Secondary Criticism 5 items
    1. Children's literature - M. O. Grenby 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Core

    2. Children's literature - M. O. Grenby 2014

      Book Core May be useful to buy but is available as ebook from library

    3. Understanding children's literature - Hunt, Peter 2005

      Book Core May be useful to buy but is available as ebook from library

    4. Jacqueline Wilson 2016

      Book Core

  3. Suggested Bibliography 49 items
    1. C.S. Lewis: the chronicles of Narnia - Abate, Michelle Ann, Weldy, Lance 2012

      Book Further

    2. Children and their books: a celebration of the work of Iona and Peter Opie - Avery, Gillian, Briggs, Julia 1989

      Book Further

    3. Fairy tales reimagined: essays on new retellings - Susan Redington Bobby c2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    4. Beyond adaptation: essays on radical transformations of original works - Phyllis Frus, Christy Williams c2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    5. The child reader, 1700-1840 - M. O. Grenby 2014

      Book Further

    6. J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter - Hallett, Cynthia J., Huey, Peggy J. 2012

      Book Further A selection of critical essays.

    7. Children's literature: an illustrated history - Hunt, Peter 1995

      Book Further

    8. Literature for children: contemporary criticism - Hunt, Peter, NetLibrary, Inc 2003 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    9. Children's literature: the development of criticism - Hunt, Peter 1990

      Book Further

    10. Children in culture: approaches to childhood - Lesnik-Obers 1998

      Book Further

    11. Not in front of the grown-ups - Lurie,Alison 1991

      Book Further

    12. A dictionary of narratology - Prince, Gerald 2003

      Book Further

    13. Adaptation and appropriation - Julie Sanders 2006

      Book Further

    14. Adaptation and appropriation - Julie Sanders 2016, ©2016

      Book Further

    15. Language and ideology in children's fiction - Stephens, John 1992

      Book Further

    16. Melvin Burgess - Alison Waller 2013

      Book Further

    17. Wings and the child: or, the building of magic cities - Nesbit, E. 1913

      Book Further

    18. The Phoenix and the Carpet - Nesbit, E. 2009

      Book Further Read esp pp7-20

    19. Representing the rainbow in young adult literature: LGBTQ+ content since 1969 - Christine Jenkins, Michael Cart 2018

      Book Further

    20. Queer Theory Now - Hannah McCann 2019

      Book Further

    21. Was the cat in the hat black? - Philip Nel 2017

      Book Further

  4. Resources for Literature & Culture Studies in UCLan 1 item
    see Children's Literature section in 'Internet Resources'
  5. Digitised Items 20 items
    1. Modern children's literature: an introduction - Kimberley Reynolds 2005

      Book Further DCS digitised section The Girl’s boarding school story paradigm extract from Theories of Genre and Gender pp12-15

    2. The child that books built - Francis Spufford 2003

      Book Further DCS digitised chapter: read pp82-107 of chapter 3 "The Island". Follow the link for pdf copy.

    3. The cuckoo clock - Molesworth 1912

      Book  DCS digitised chapter 3: "Obeying Orders" pp32-49

    4. When dreams came true: classical fairy tales and their tradition - Jack David Zipes 2007

      Book  DCS Digitised chapter: Spells of Enchantment, pp. 1--31

    5. The family from One End Street: and some other adventures - Garnett, Eve 2004

      Book  DCS digitised chapter 5: The Adventure of the parked car, pages 124-162

    6. The hidden adult: defining children's literature - Perry Nodelman 2008

      Book  DCS digitised section: The hidden adult/Narrator and narrate/Showing not telling, pages 206-216

    7. The narrator's voice: the dilemma of children's fiction - Barbara Wall 1991

      Book  DCS digitised pages Introduction & extract from Problems of Audience, pages 1-10 & 35

    8. Tom's midnight garden - Philippa Pearce 2008

      Book  DCS digitised pages: end of chapter VI Through a Door, Chapter VII Report to Peter, pp51-60

    9. The children who lived in a barn - Eleanor Graham 2001

      Book  DCS digitised chapter 9: Washing Day and Choir Boys, pp104-115

    10. Children's literature: Approaches and territories - Janet Maybin, Nicola J. Watson, Open University 2009

      Book  DCS digitised section: Rachel Falconer - Cross-reading and Cross Over Books, pp366-379

    11. Federalism - Smith, Jennifer, Mount Allison University, ebrary, Inc c2004 (electronic resource)

      Book  ebook: Read esp pages101-127

    12. Children's literature: Classic texts and contemporary trends - Heather Montgomery, Nicola J. Watson, Open University 2009

      Book  DCS Digitised Chapter: Jack Zipes - The phenomenon of Harry Potter, or why all the talk? pp289--296

    13. Criticism, theory, and children's literature - Peter Hunt 1991

      Book  DCS digitised Chapter 3: Defining children's literature, pp. 42--64 Hunt, Peter

    14. Exploring children's literature: teaching the language and reading of fiction - Nikki Gamble, Sally Yates 2008

      Book  DCS digitised Chapter 6: Fantasy and Realism, pp. 117--130 Gamble, Nick and Yates, Sally

    15. Moonfleet - John Meade Falkner, F. R. Exell 1994

      Book  DCS digitised Chapter 3: A Discovery, pp29--43 Faulkner, Meade J

    16. Not in front of the grown-ups - Alison Lurie 1991

      Book  DCS digitised Chapter: Forword pp. ix--xvi by Alison Lurie

    17. School stories - Jan Mark, David Parkins 1992

      Book  DCS digitised Chapter: "A New Boy" from The Fifth Form at St Dominic’s pp. 190--201 Reed, Talbot Baines

    18. Stig of the dump - Clive King, Edward Ardizzone 1963

      Book  DCS digistised Chapter 9: The Standing Stones, pp. 134--157 by King, Clive

    19. The case of "Peter Pan": [or] the impossibility of children's fiction - Jacqueline Rose 1994

      Book  DCS digitised Chapter: Introduction, pp. 1--11 Rose, Jacqueline

    20. The magic brush and other stories - Blyton, Enid, Voller, Sara 2008

      Book  DCS Digitised chapter: The horrid little boy pp. 16--25 - click link for pdf