1. Core Reading 4 items
    1. Examination of the newborn and neonatal health: a multidimensional approach - Davies, Lorna, McDonald, Sharon 2008

      Book Core

  2. Further Reading 4 items
    1. Before we are born: essentials of embryology and birth defects - Keith L. Moore, T. V. N. Persaud, Mark G. Torchia 2015

      Book Optional

    2. Assessment and care of the well newborn - Thureen, Patti J. c2005

      Book Optional

    3. Care of the newborn by ten teachers - Lumsden, Hilary, Holmes, Debbie 2010

      Book Optional Also available as an Electronic Resource

    4. Care of the newborn by ten teachers - Lumsden, Hilary, Holmes, Debbie, dawsonera 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional

  3. Useful Journals 8 items

      Journal  Printed copies available - 1st floor journals 610.73678 1993-2001 only. Also available online via the link on the Library Catalogue or E-Journals A-Z search results page - 2002 onwards.

    2. THE PRACTISING MIDWIFE: the voice of clinical midwifery

      Journal  Print copies available - 1st floor journals at 610.73678 - 1998 onwards - Continues as MODERN MIDWIFE

    3. Archives of disease in childhood

      Journal  Select BMJ Journals Online Collection (VHLC) On the resulting results page selct ADC Fetal and Neonatal Edition Archive.

    4. Pediatrics

      Journal  On the resulting E-Journals A-Z page select Pediatrics

    5. Seminars in Neonatology

      Journal  Only 1996 to 2004 available

  4. Useful Websites and Webpages 9 items
    1. Spotting the Sick Child

      Webpage  User name and password required