1. Introductory 5 items
    Introductory items, in addition to sections in the textbooks in the 'General and core reading' list (Hilton, Wright, Rule et. al.)
    1. Early Victorian Britain, 1832-51 - J. F. C. Harrison, J. F. C. Harrison 2008

      Book Optional Chapter 6 includes an introduction to Chartism

    2. Modern Britain: a social history, 1750-2011 - Edward Royle 2012

      Book Optional A general history with good material on Chartism and gender and class among its core themes

    3. Chartism - Edward Royle 1986

      Book Optional Introductory text, with documents

    4. Chartism - John K. Walton 1999

      Book Optional A short survey. Also available as an e-book.

    5. Protest and the politics of space and place, 1789-1848 - Katrina Navickas 2016

      Book Optional

  2. Essays and articles 8 items
    1. Rethinking Chartism

      Article Core A classic essay, also available in a shorter form in 'The Chartist Experience' ed. Thompson and Epstein.

    2. Women and 19th-century radical politics: a lost dimension

      Article Further Thompson's classic essay, also available in Mitchell and Oakley, 'The Rights and Wrongs of Women'

    3. Dorothy Thompson, 'Women and 19th-century radical politics: a lost dimension'

      Article Further Also available in Dorothy Thompson's own collection 'Outsiders'

    4. The Rhetoric of Chartist Domesticity: Gender, Language, and Class in the 1830s and 1840s - Anna Clark 1992

      Article Further An important article on gender and Chartism, later included in her book 'The Struggle for the Breeches'

    5. Publications: Labour History Review (Maney Publishing): EBSCOhost 2009

      Webpage Further A special issue on Chartism with several good articles, including the edutors on 'New directions in Chartist studies' and Robert Hall on Chartism in everyday life.

    6. Christianity in Chartist Struggle 1838-1842 - Eileen Yeo 1981

      Article Further Religion was an important element of Chartist culture for many.

    7. A United People? Leaders and Followers in a Chartist Locality, 1838-1848 - Robert G. Hall 2004

      Article Further A rich study of Chartist culture in Ashton-under-Lyne, building on Dorothy Thompson's work.

  3. Specialist books 16 items
    Note that some of the best material is in the edited collections of essays, particularly Roberts's 'The People's Charter'.
    1. The Chartists: popular politics in the Industrial Revolution - Dorothy Thompson 1986

      Book Further A standard work which recovered Chartism as a whole movement, strong on women and culture.

    2. Chartism: a new history - Malcolm Chase 2007

      Book Core The standard modern work.

    3. The People's Charter: democratic agitation in early Victorian Britain - Stephen Roberts 2003

      Book Further A valuable anthology of key essays on Chartism, including Miles Taylor's useful essay on the six points of the Charter.

    4. The Chartist experience: studies in working-class radicalism and culture, 1830-60 - James Epstein, Dorothy Thompson 1982

      Book Further A collection of essays, including an early version of Stedman Jones's seminal 'Rethinking Chartism'.

    5. Chartism and the Chartists - David Jones 1975

      Book Further

    6. The early Chartists - Dorothy Thompson 1971

      Book Further On early Chartism to 1842.

    7. Voices of the people: democracy and Chartist political identity, 1830-1870 - Robert G. Hall 2007

      Book Further Strong on the social and cultural networks underpinning Chartism, and on women.

    8. 1848: the British state and the Chartist movement - John Saville 1990

      Book Further A monograph on the third main Chartist wave, of 1848.

    9. London Chartism 1838-1848 - David Goodway 1982

      Book Further A monograph on London, the initial centre but not the stronghold of Chartism.

    10. Chartist studies - Asa Briggs 1959

      Book Further A set of essays on individual local and regional Chartist movements. Useful case studies for essays.

    11. Richard Marsden and the Preston chartists 1837-1848 - J. E. King 1981

      Book Further A good local study.

    12. The Home Office and the Chartists in the West Riding of Yorkshire :bprotest and repression in the West Riding of Yorkshire1838-1848 - Neil Pye, University of Huddersfield 2013

      Book Further Looks at how the state managed to defeat Chartism in one of its core regions.

    13. Eve and the new Jerusalem: socialism and feminism in the nineteenth century, 004 - Barbara Taylor 1983

      Book Further Mainly a study of early 19th-century feminist movements but ch.9 looks at Chartism.

    14. The condition of the working class in England - Friedrich Engels, David McLellan 2009

      Book Further Several editions, and available online. The chapter on 'Labour movements' claims Chartism for class struggle.

    15. Feargus O'Connor: a political life - Paul A. Pickering 2008

      Book Further A readable biography of the Chartist leader.